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WE provide a wide variety of services for the Potable Water System Specialist or Municipality Water Works Operator.   

Key Benefits   Inspections using Divers or ROV or both depending on the need. Repair & Restorations without dewatering.  Removal of Sedimentation in tank Video and Written Reports Consulting Follow AWWA and OSHA rules & regulations Knowledgeable in concrete repair work and in tank repair such as welding. Experienced in Confined space Capabilities

We have been providing inspections and sedimentation cleanup for a number of years, additionally we can utilize our 8 lb. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). With this ROV we are able to provide a wider scope of services.   

Inspections Elevated & below ground water tanks, reservoirs, pipeline surveys and inspections can be done with a dive team, ROV or combination depending on the circumstances surrounding the project. All of these inspections can be documented with a VIDEO copy of the inspection for future use.
Remember AWWA mandates periodic inspections. When was your tank done last?

Sedimentation Cleanup This is one of the most common required projects in potable water storage facilities. We remove sedimentation without adding to water turbidity.  Think about this for a moment- You work so hard to make your water pure and clean, so why would you want to store it in a dirty tank? 

Repairs & Consulting Any repair that could save you draining the water storage facility may be cost effective and time saving.  Give us a call to see if we can be of service to you.  WE also provide seminars on Potable water "Clean water, dirty cup" "Inspections-Divers vs. Remotely Operated Vehicles, What's the best choice"

Alternative Solutions Some Water Service providers may have a need for an ROV.