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Hydro Electric facilities makes up about 90% of the work that we do.  From intake structures to trash racks, crib dams to concrete,Head gates to waste gates, the hydro industry is something CDP is very familiar with. Although working on dams may not be as glamorous as the offshore diving industry, this type of work has a whole different type of dangers inherent to hydro work.(differential pressure).  At CDP we consider SAFETY to be our number one concern for both our divers and our clients and being aware of the hazards associated with hydro work is an ongoing part of training for all divers who work for this company.  Over the last decade we have worked with many of the power generating companies in New England.  They have come to us with all types of problems in hopes that we might find solutions and we have delivered. Below you will find a few examples of our work.  We always keep our clients interest first.  Sometimes it's not the cost of the job that counts, but we must also consider the lost generation which has to be figured into the equation without sacrificing quality work.     

Icy water is not a barrier for dive work.  Our divers utilize hot water suits that keep them warm, safe and productive in most any weather conditions.