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Wastewater and Contaminated Diving in our specialty

                                              "A Solution to Pollution"

Many times system operators do not consider the use of divers when they think of repair or maintenance to their systems.  At CDP, we feel that using divers is usually more efficient and cost effective to the alternative of draining or pumping.  We have been doing waste-water diving for over 15 years and are accustom to zero visibility and getting the job done by feel, this is why waste-water operators from across the country seek out the professionals at CDP, we not only understand the mechanics of water treatment, but we also understand the chemistry of how it works. Whether your located in New England or Oklahoma or anywhere on this planet, you can count on CDP to be there. So if your DO is low or your sludge is building up, please give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your problems and look at alternative, cost effective solutions to your problems. Other things that we do is remove old systems that are being upgraded.  We found that by not taking out the old system, new systems can get entangled in the tubing or anchors that remain in place.  This may be a consideration when budgeting for a new system. For advice, please feel free to call. Paper mills and Municipalities are our specialty.

Key Benefits
Experienced in Zero Visibility.
Most repairs can be done without taking the system off line
We understanding wastewater solutions
Unique Tube Restoration that can add years to your fine bubble aeration!!!
Changing your system, don't forget about removal maybe without draining.
Give us a call with your questions or if you would like referrals on our techniques.  

This is a repair we did at Republic Paper in Lawton, OK

Notice the air pattern on the only line we used our unique tube restoration technique.